After a long, hot day, there’s nothing like chilling ourselves in a pleasant, cold home. You use your air conditioner a lot, but you might not know much about how it works on a mechanical level. Your cooling systems can keep you cool in the summer, but what do you do if they break down? 

Here is a list of five things about your air conditioner that you should know:

A dirty filter is a big problem

  • A dirty filter reduces airflow, and air filter efficiency is significant for an air conditioner’s quality. 


  • To perform correctly, you must replace the air conditioner filter after a few months of heavy use. 


  • The air conditioner has to work more to maintain the same degree of comfort when the filter becomes dirty. 

Using a timer on the thermostat

  • When you’re gone for the day, there’s no need to have your air on full blast. 


  • Investing in a timer is a good idea because you’ll be able to save money while still having a fantastic pleasant house to come home to. 


  • It’s vital not to turn off your system unless you are gone for an extended period, as the air compressor will have to work harder to chill your house if it has to start from nothing.

Cleanliness of condenser and compressor

  • The condenser and compressor must be clean, but it is difficult as the capacitor’s coil is located outside the outer unit.  


  • The compressor increases the refrigerant pressure, and all of this happens in the outdoor unit. Therefore, it’s critical to keep the outdoor unit neat and clean. 


  • Every month, check your unit to make sure leaves, grass, hanging branches, and anything else must not be present at least up to 24 inches. If anything is present, do not forget to trim that.


  • Never stack anything on the AC unit.  

Help your air conditioner in cooling

  • If your home is already hot when you put on the air conditioner, you must work to lower the temperature and restore comfort. 


  • During the day, keep the room temperature natural and provide the appropriate system by closing the blinds and casting a shadow. 


  • To produce a cold effect, improve air leakage and isolation, and employ ceiling and floor fans to aid air conditioning.

Technology added to thermostat gives worry-free comfort

  • When used in conjunction with the central air conditioner, the programmable or intelligent thermostat provides a transparent and configurable comfort level. 


  • Even if you are not around, the programmable thermostat maintains a comfortable temperature while reducing heat. 


  • The use of the most up-to-date thermostat technology increases air conditioning effectiveness and allows you to enjoy cost-effective luxuries all year.

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