There are good reasons for furnaces and fireplaces to feature so much in cozy winter movies – without a heating and ventilation system, weathering through the harsh months of the cold season can be very difficult. Thankfully, heaters have become affordable and commonplace among American families today – a study showed that 84% of all US homes have some air conditioning – more than all the other nations combined. 

But several problems are caused by the overuse of HVAC systems, some of which comes from the fact that only 42% of homeowners routinely ask professionals to perform maintenance services on their appliance – an inefficient air conditioning system will not only disrupt the toasty air in your house, it also has rather sinister consequences:

  • Potential Fire Hazard

While most heaters come with dozens of warnings to not leave it alone or, worse, leave it on overnight, they are the cause behind 79% of deadly home heating fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association If there is anything wrong with the components inside the appliance – a faulty thermostat, or a clogged filter – there is a good chance it will overheat or emit sparks that may lead to a full-blown fire. 

To avoid these, you need to regularly maintain your heater, even more so during the winter months when there is a possibility of ice clogging the inner workings. There are also programmable heaters that you can invest in – they are shown to save homeowners around $180 a year.

  • High Electricity Bills

An inefficient machine will no doubt use up more power to produce the same results. Heaters are no different. The sooner it reaches the end of its lifespan (which is usually twenty to thirty years, if maintained regularly and properly), your heater may start wheezing and ticketing across the house, and you may see your power bills skyrocketing. This is a good sign that you need to replace the heater, and next time, take better care of it.

  • Air Poisoning

Every year, around 400 Americans die from inadvertent exposure to carbon monoxide, which is often found in the fumes produced every time you burn fuel in heaters and furnaces, among other things. Once the Carbon Monoxide builds up within the house, it can cause headache, dizziness, nausea, chest pain, etc., but if you are intoxicated or sleeping, you may pass away before you realize you have symptoms. This is why you should have a CO meter as a part of your appliance and regularly clean it.

Heater Repair In Contractors Waxahachie – TX Air Assurance

Ensure that the repair company you contact is friendly, reliable, and cost-efficient – look no further than TX Air Assurance. To ensure that maintaining your heater doesn’t slip your mind, the best heater repair contractor in Waxahachie, TX Air Assurance, brings you a maintenance plan called the Comfort Club. 

An inefficient system can cost you 20% more on your utility bills, so paying around $20-$50 per month that will allow you to treat two systems with a fixed number of visits per year with reduced maintenance bills is a huge steal! Contact TX Air Assurance today to get your heater, furnace, and HVAC systems cleaned, repaired, and maintained.